Nirvana Film Productions Presents:

Cul De Sac (2010)  

Kiana, an Iranian lesbian activist and a filmmaker, having completed an underground documentary about the controversial subject of homosexuality in Iran, attracted the unwanted attention of the security forces. Their pursuit of the maker of the film” Kiana “and the subject interviewees was initiated by an inadvertent disclosure by one of the film crew. Homosexuality especially amongst women is taboo subject in the eyes of the Iranian authority, and should be quashed at any cost.

Kiana’s pursuit, lead her to United Kingdom, where she claimed asylum. This is a story about her struggle to fight the right to stay under the asylum right, the refusal of the authorities to accept her application, her friendship with Sayeh, a journalist and activist, whose expertise is focused on the Iranian human right issues.

The heart warming tale of trust built up between Kiana and Sayeh centred around the recent uprisings in Iran, and the difficulties faced by someone in a temporary haven yet having an uncertain future if she is forced to return to Iran, Kiana receives a warning from her mother to say that the Iranian security forces are in her pursuit. Sayeh tries desperately to help her friend, Kiana is about to be deported and what if...